Men’s madness

Men’s madness

The Madness of Men ( original title: Vajont – The diga del disonore ) is a Franco – Italian film directed by Renzo Martinelli , released in 2001 .


Italy , 1959 , in the valley of Vajont, begin work of the biggest dam of Europe .


Carlo Semenza , the largest dam architect in the world of the Società Adriatica Di Elettricità (SADE), carries out the work of his life, assisted by the engineer Alberico Biadene responsible for the project, who promises to transform the economy of the Italy .

Despite this, a very ominous event occurs during the construction of the dam Vajont : a landslide Pontesei Dam (having the same geological characteristics), not far from there, causes a wave that carries a worker SADE . Other studies have shown that Mount Toc , bordering Lake Vajont Dam , could collapse into the artificial water reservoir, causing a devastating wave that could destroy villages below the dam.

Only a journalist, Tina Merlin, who has become aware of the danger, will do everything to prevent the dam from being commissioned, but despite this, the economic stakes are enormous, and the work continues …

Technical sheet

  • Title: Men’s Madness
  • Original title: Vajont – La diga del disonore
  • Director: Renzo Martinelli
  • Scenario: Pietro Calderoni and Renzo Martinelli
  • Production: Giuseppe Giglietti , Norbert Chalon , André Farwagi , François Marquis and Renzo Martinelli
  • Budget: 17 billion lire (8.8 million euros)
  • Music: Francesco Sartori
  • Additional music:
    • Concerto for cello in B minor (Dvořák) – second movement
    • Franz Schubert Nocturne in E flat major, D. 987 (quartet for piano and strings)
    • Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch
  • Photography: Blasco Giurato
  • Editing: Massimo Quaglia
  • Sets: Francesco Frigeri
  • Costumes: Luigi Bonanno
  • Country of origin: Italy , France
  • Format: Black and White / Colors – 2.35: 1 – Dolby Digital – 35 mm
  • Genre: Drama
  • Duration: 116 minutes
  • Release dates: ( Triveneto , Italy ), (Italy), ( France ),( Belgium )


  • Michel Serrault : Carlo Semenza
  • Daniel Auteuil : Alberico Biadene
  • Laura Morante : Tina Merlin
  • Jorge Perugorría : Olmo Montaner
  • Anita Caprioli : Ancilla
  • Leo Gullotta : Mario Pancini
  • Philippe Leroy : Giorgio dal Piaz
  • Jean-Christophe Brétigniere : Edoardo Semenza
  • Nicola Di Pinto : Francesco Penta
  • Federica Martinelli : Margherita
  • Eleonora Martinelli : Giannina
  • Maurizio Trombini : Desidera
  • Bruno Bilotta : Remo
  • Paco Reconti : Bertolissi
  • Antonio Fabbri : Professor Ghetti

Around the film

  • Filming took place from August to November 2000 in Belluno , Pordenone , Rome (studio), Treviso and Venice .
  • The scenario of the film is inspired by a real disaster that occurred on October 9, 1963 at the Vajont Dam in Italy and that resulted in about 1,900 deaths.


  • Stella , performed by Filippa Giordano
  • Proteggimi , performed by Andrea Bocelli
  • Villotta , interpreted by Gianni Fassetta
  • Nostalgia , performed by Gianni Fassetta
  • Come Prima , performed by Tony Dallara


  • Jury Award and Nomination for Best Supporting Actress Award for Leo Gullotta and Best Sets at the 2002 David D Donatello Awards .
  • Award for Best Supporting Actor for Leo Gullotta and Best Picture Award by the National Union of Film Critics in 2002.

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