Typhoon on Nagasaki

Typhoon on Nagasaki

Typhoon on Nagasaki is a Franco – Japanese film directed by Yves Ciampi and released in 1957 . The film stars Jean Marais 1 .


The central character is Peter Marsac, an engineer French working in the shipyard of Nagasaki . Marsac integrates well in Japanese society and is interested in a Japanese woman, Noriko. However, an old friend, journalist Françoise Fabre, contacted him and announced his visit. Follows a love triangle until the day of the typhoon …


Technical sheet

  • Title: Typhoon on Nagasaki
  • Director: Yves Ciampi
  • Assistant Director: Jean-Jacques Vierne
  • Scenario: Yves Ciampi , Zenzō Matsuyama and Jean-Charles Tacchella
  • Dialogues: Annette Wademant
  • Pictures: Henri Alekan
  • Editing: Roger Dwyre
  • Sets: Robert Gys and Kisaku Ito
  • Music: Chûji Kinoshita
  • Costumes: Jacques Heim
  • Producer: Jacques Bar , Raymond Froment (executive producer) and Kurataro Takamura
  • Production: Cila Films, Industrial and Commercial Cinematographic Company (CICC), Doxa Films, Pathé Overseas, Shôchiku Eiga, Société Nouvelle Pathé Cinéma and Terra Film Produktion
  • Distribution: Pathé Cinema Consortium
  • Country: France / Japan
  • Genre: Drama
  • Format: Color ( Technicolor ) – Sound: Mono
  • Duration: 115 minutes
  • Release date : ( Paris )


In the order of credits:

  • Danielle Darrieux : Françoise Fabre
  • Jean Marais : Pierre Marsac
  • Keiko Kishi : Noriko Sakurai
  • Sō Yamamura : Hori
  • Hitomi Nozoe : Saeko Sakurai
  • Kumeko Urabe : Fujita
  • Gert Fröbe : Ritter
  • Shinobu Asaji : Keiko Ritter


The script is credited to: Yves Ciampi , Zenzō Matsuyama , Jean Charles Tacchella and Annette Wademant .

The script was originally taken from the novel of Roger Poidatz , Hon house party , which tells the story of a French who discovered Japan in 1925 . However, the story has been so modified that the novel is not mentioned in the credits of the film.

Other countries

  • In the United States : Typhoon Over Nagasaki 2 .
  • In Japan : Wasure enu bojo .

Notes and references

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